Ethics Policy

DMO personnel preserve a high standard of business values to ensure we are beyond reproach.

All DMO Personnel comply with the laws of New Zealand, protocols and regulations when undertaking their specific areas of expertise.

We treat all clients, creditors and debtors with integrity and professionalism.

We ensure that all business is conducted in such a way as not to mislead debtors, creditors, clients or the public in general as to what our organisation offers.

DMO personnel are trained to a high degree in their specific areas of expertise and legalities pertaining to the business at hand.

We will offer sound common-sense advice to all contacts, ensuring that we deal in fact and that opinion does not override law.

DMO keeps confidential all information received from a client subject always to the privacy act and all New Zealand law.

We will source information legally for the purpose it was intended and all information obtained during the course of our business will be used within the law.

DMO will always give prompt and thorough attention to matters received whilst safeguarding the interests of the client.